Subsidy Comes for Attack

Among many others who threw brickbats at the Quality Subsidy committee headed by veteran director CV Shivashanker the director of ‘Gubbachigalu’ Abhay Simha was bit strong in expressing his unhappiness.

‘Gubbachchigalu’ was awarded the national best children film but at the state level it has just been recognized by subsidy committee for Rs.10 lakhs reward instead of best children film reward of Rs.25 lakhs. This is unexpected and the logic behind the Subsidy committee one cannot understand says Abhay Simha who has finished ‘Shikari’ Kannada and Malayalam film shooting Mammooty.

‘Gubbachchigalu’ automatically should have come to the slot of best children film but it has been deceived. ‘Patanga’ and ‘Chaitanya’ have got Rs.25 lakhs subsidy for best children films.

The subsidy committee headed by CV Shivashanker watched 102 movies in all and awarded subsidy to 34 films recently besides declaring Rs.25 lakhs to two children film, two historical films.

The films like Shivarajakumar Bandhu Balaga, Puneeth Rajakumar Vamshi, Vijay Raghavendra and Sri Murali 'Minchina Ota', Golden star Ganesh 'Circus' have been omitted has also come for an attack from respective producers.

The committe members are asked to explain the norms behind selecting films like KA 09-333, Ugragami and 16 years old film 'Chendulli Cheluve'. Some of the committe members of CV Shivashanker Panel are also members of KFCC.
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