Sudeep To Politics

Another popular star is on the verge of joining politics. That is Sudeep who is at the helm of popularity. He was asked to contest for ensuing by elections but it was rejected for some other reasons – commitments of the actor.

Actor with huge fan following Sudeep has declared that he might jump to another field in his life at anytime. Known for near perfection in his work wherever and whatever he does Sudeep is gauging the popularity from his ‘Kempe Gowda’ trip to various districts.

The ‘Kempe Gowda’ publicity is with twin visions of the actor. One is for the publicity of the film and second one is for the study of the people mind.

Sudeep entering to politics is not very far. He was supposed to be the candidate for Davanagere elections. The party he is joining is also clear.

Sudeep joining Congress is looking very bright. He has ‘Ambarish Mama’ in the same party and Janata Dal Secular is another party that is trying to rope him.
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