Is 'Kofee Shop' relesaing?

There has been huge protest for ‘Koffi Shop’ on Wednesday in Bengaluru. It is a dubbed film is the apprehension of Kannada film industry personalities. It is not a dubbed cinema is what Geetha Krishna is telling. Without clearing the doubts of the Apex Body – KFCC director cum producer Geetha Krishna is forging ahead with protection from judiciary. He has even announced the date of release for ‘Koffi Shop’ Kannada version as 22nd April – tomorrow.

On Wednesday the protest against ‘Koffi Shop’ dubbed cinema was held in front of KFCC by cinema workers federation. A move has been made to stop the film from releasing via filing a case against ‘Koffi Shop’.

Had Geetha Krishna calmed down and shown the film to the authorities of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce things would have been clear. Dubbing has been banned in Karnataka since five decades. It may not be constitutionally right by culturally it is right says the discerning people in Kannada cinema industry.

This is not vegetable selling says veteran director and producer KSL Swamee coming harsh on the attitude of ‘Koffi Shop’ film maker. Dubbing is a bane to the Kannada film industry and television sector says Swamee in his reaction. Even if the number of films decrease let us not worry about it. Dubbing should not be allowed says Swamee.

On Wednesday afternoon the Karnataka Film Workers Federation members met Kannada cinema artists association President Ambarish and briefed on the whole issue.

Ambarish extended his full support to the call made. Dubbing films are not allowed in Karnataka at any cost he pointed.
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