Aanmai Thavarel review

Women trafficking and child kidnapping are the major news in every newspapers these days. Perhaps taking cue from this, director Kulandai Velappan has come out with Aanmai Thavarel. It is a movie that speaks loud on a sensitive theme and try offer a solution to the problem.
It is a movie that begins in Chennai and ends Goa. Dhruva and Sruthi plays the lead role with Sampath Raj in a pivotal role.

Maria Manohar's background score, Arabindhu Sara's cinematography and V J Sabu's razor-sharp editing makes Aanmai Thavarel a must-watch movie.

It is tale of a girls being kidnapped and pushed to prostitution. How a lover rues the disappearance of his beloved and sets on a search to find her out is what the movie is all about.

Vettri (Dhruva) is in love with Yamuna (Sruthi), who works in a BPO in Chennai. One day, Yamuna goes missing. Enquiries reveal that she was kidnapped by a gang in a car. Vettri promises to return with his beloved and sets out on her search. He knocks the doors of police who keeps passing his complaint to various departments. Understanding that he his running short of time, he takes the help of Charles Anthony (Sampath Raj), former senior official in Anti Trafficking department. Vettri embarks on a journey to trace the car and redeem his lover from them. The search begins in Chennai which eventually after many twists and turns end in Goa.

The whole cast and crew including Dhruva have given their best. He portrays his role well. Sruthy fits the role to T. Sampath Raj does play his part exceedingly well. At many places, the movie goes into a documentary mode. It has crude scenes that may not go well with audience.
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