Change 'Onake Obbavva' Title Sought

Once again the learned writer of novels and film connected personality BL Venu has urged the producers of ‘Onake Obbavva’ to change the title immediately. When Sudeep kept the title ‘Veera Madhakari’ as the title for his remake film the same BL Venu protested and he could not get the support. For the remake of ‘Vikramarkudu’ Sudeep continued with the title ‘Veera Madhakari’ and said who is BL Venu to protest.

Recently for the title of Hakka Bukka of the vijayanagar Empire Dr Chidananda Murthy, historian asked for the change in the title. Nothing has happened. Earlier to it ‘Maasthi’ a film on underworld don was changed as ‘Masthi’ and ‘Kiran Bedi’ was made as ‘Kannadadha Kiran Bedi’.

Now once again BL Venu once again advising the ‘Onake Obbavva’ banner MRK Films to not to keep the name of the popular personality of the history of Karnataka. That is an injustice and generations of ‘Onake Obbavva’ feel depressed with it.

The film ‘Onake Obbavva’ goes further with a caption…Silent Iddare Ananthnag, violent adhre Shanker Nag. Both the names – Ananthnag and Shanker Nag are big names in Kannada cinema.

BL Venu is contemplating on going to court in case the title ‘Onake Obbavva’ is not changed.
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